Chess tournament Open Leuven

Chess tournament Open Leuven will take place from 8 to 11 November 2019.

New this year is that the tournament counts for FIDE elo !

Registration can be done via this link.

All information can be found on this site and in the flyer.

This 31th edition will be held in De Kring, Jozef Pierrestraat 60, 3010 Kessel-Lo. The total prize money adds up to €4500 if there are 100 players!

There will be prizes for the best performing club and the club with the most participants.


The founders , Messrs David Lenaertz, Radu-Catalin Nica, , Elvir Palazoski, Nicolas Rauta, Cédric Sohet , Raymond van Melsen ,and M. Sergio Zamparo , meeting in assembly on 13 April 2019, agreed to set up a bilingual non-profit association named ” Chess Federation of Brussels-Capital Region – non-profit association”. The following designations are also accepted : Fédération Echiquéenne de Bruxelles-Capitale, en abrégé FEBC , Brussel Hoofdstad Schaakfederatie – vzw, Schachverband Brüssel-Hauptstadt – VoG, .

Its registered office is established at, rue François Gérard, 11/18 ,Anderlecht, in the district of Brussels.

The purpose of the association is to promote the playing of chess by everyone everywhere. Assistance by the associatoin may take the following forms:

  • organising competitions;
  • organising chess lessons for players of all ages and levels;
  • training arbiters;
  • training club secretaries;
  • training chess teachers;
  • support in setting up clubs and for club activities;
  • organising get-together to enhance understanding of the game;
  • lending equipment for specific events;
  • management of all means of communication.

The association may perform any act relating directly or indirectly to its purpose. It may lead assistance to, and be involvedin, any activity similar to its purpose. That purpose is entirely without aim of gain and free od any religious, philosophical or political affiliation.

Contact :

Bank account : BE77 0689 3548 8942